Protect your investment in vertical transportation equipment. We’ll determine if your elevator equipment is up to code and being maintained properly and per the terms of your maintenance contract.


Proper elevator maintenance is essential to ensure peak performance, tenant satisfaction, asset preservation and most importantly the safety of your elevator passengers.   When accidents occur on elevators and escalators the primary defendant is generally the building owner.  Therefore, it is imperative that building owners and managers understand the condition of their elevator and escalator equipment as well as the manner in which it is being maintained.  Our consultants provide preventive maintenance audits that include evaluating both the equipment and the contract.  Our goal is to help building owners and managers maximize efficiencies and minimize costs.

Maintenance Services Include:

  • Evaluate all elevator equipment to determine its’ condition, performance, safety, maintenance history and code compliance
  • Provide a detailed report for each elevator, including required corrective action items
  • Review maintenance contract to determine what corrective action items should be covered by maintenance provider vs. building owner as well as identify terms that are outside industry standards
  • Prioritize corrective action items and provide cost estimates and work schedule
  • If needed, assist building owner in negotiating changes to the terms of the maintenance contract
  • We also provide Elevator Preventive Maintenance Monitoring Services, which include a review of invoices, time tickets and maintenance logs on a monthly or quarterly basis.  We provide detailed reports and identify any items that should be covered under the terms of the maintenance contract.  This service also includes periodic inspections and communication with the maintenance provider to ensure the highest level of elevator efficiency, safety and satisfaction.