New Construction

From design phase to final inspection, we’ll ensure the project runs smoothly.


Exceptional buildings that are designed with aesthetics, efficiency, and safety in mind are always the product of a collaborative effort between architects, owners, builders and the many trades/crafts that contribute to its creation.  The best time for consulting ECS on your plans for elevators, escalators, and moving walkways is during the schematic design stage.  Using the latest in technology, green designs and government regulation we’ll take your overall design goals and create a project plan that addresses the requirements of all stakeholders. In the end, your ECS project will be completed hassle-free with outstanding results.

New Construction Services Include:

  • Determine vertical transportation requirements based on conceptual design and expected tenant demographics
  • Conduct feasibility study and traffic flow analysis
  • Provide vertical transportation design report, including cost and schedule estimates
  • Review with architect and/or building owner
  • Prepare detailed specification including preventive maintenance contract
  • Provide a work outline for any work required by other trades / crafts (electrical, HVAC, etc)
  • Request bids from pre qualified contractors
  • Review bids and assist client with negotiations
  • Review shop drawings and material submittals
  • Provide job site project management and status reports to architect and/or building owner
  • Approve progress payment requests
  • Provide punch list evaluation and final inspection
  • Provide 10 month warranty preventive maintenance survey