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Elevator Consulting Services Team

What We Do

Elevators and escalators have the ability to turn an understated building into one of extraordinary interest and functionality. By creating feelings of spaciousness, communicating style, and capturing people’s interest, the right elevators and escalators can set your building apart. Applying technical knowledge in a way that’s both well designed and cost effective is a skill many consultants lack. Let ECS help.

We create vertical transportation systems that function reliably and safely, while creating an experience that enhances the perception of your building. Drawing on more than 30 years of engineering, consulting, and project management experience, we’ll transform any building, whether it’s new construction or modernization, into one that encompasses an outstanding transportation experience for the occupants. We work with architects, builders, owners, and property managers on every aspect of a project, covering new construction, building modernizations, maintenance assessments, maintenance monitoring and building sale due diligence.


Time to replace worn out elevators? We’ll help you select the right equipment, obtain competitive bids and ensure the equipment is installed and maintained to the highest standards.


From design phase to final inspection. We will ensure the elevator portion of your project runs smoothly.


You pay a lot of money for your regular elevator maintenance. We’ll determine if your elevator equipment is up to code and being maintained properly and per the terms of your maintenance contract.


Get an elevator maintenance contract that is written to protect you, not the elevator company. We’ll put together elevator maintenance contract RFP customized to the type and age of your equipment. Competitive bids will ensure you get the most bang for your buck.


Overwhelmed with expensive repair proposals and paying for maintenance you may not be getting? Have everything sent to ECS for review and approval. We will make sure your maintenance provider is living up to their end of the contract.


Buying or selling a building? Elevators and escalators are one of the most costly assets in todays’ buildings. Beyond the elevator cab, virtually all the equipment is hidden away behind the curtain. We will go behind it to identify needed repairs and estimate the remaining life.

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