Elevator Consulting Company

ECS is a full-service elevator consulting company primarily servicing the Western United States. We work in pretty much every sector that includes vertical transportation – From residential and commercial buildings, symphony halls, public housing, transit facilities, hydro-electric dams and even space launch facilities.

Our consultants are continually up to date on new technology, manufacturer regulations, local codes, and design trends. We ensure your project planning will go smoothly and our involvement will guarantee a facility that meets everyone’s diverse standards, regardless of the scope of work and the services being provided.

Lobby with 4 elevators


Seize the opportunity presented by new legislation, ownership transitions or planned capital improvements to upgrade your elevators and escalators to today’s standards for efficiency, safety, and aesthetics. Whatever your building type or scope of work, ECS can provide start-to-finish consulting for your modernization project.

Every ECS modernization project begins with the goal of improving your buildings performance and value – to enhance the occupant experience and maximize your return on investment. We begin this by a thorough audit of your current equipment to determine what can be retrofitted and what must be replaced. We then select available technology solutions based on your budget, schedule, and project objectives.

ECS will walk you through all required paperwork, manage your entire project, and ensure the end result meets the expectations of owners, managers, and occupants. The finished product is always a safe vertical transportation system that increases your building’s competitive advantage.

Modernization Services Include:

  • Survey all existing elevator equipment to determine what can be retained and what needs refurbishing or replacing, and review deficiencies from current code.
  • Meeting to review results and discuss modernization options and scope
  • Develop cost and schedule estimates.
  • Prepare detailed RFP package including bid forms, contract conditions, design specification and new maintenance contract.
  • Host pre-bid meeting and job site inspection for potential bidders.
  • Review bids and assist client with contract negotiations.
  • Review shop drawings and material submittals
  • Provide job site project management and status reports to building owner.
  • Approve progress payment requests.
  • Provide punch list evaluation and final inspection.
  • Provide 10-month warranty inspection.

New Construction

Exceptional buildings that are designed with aesthetics, efficiency, and safety in mind are always the product of a collaborative effort between architects, owners, builders and the many trades that contribute to its creation. The best time for consulting ECS on your plans for elevators, escalators, and moving walkways is during the schematic design stage. Using the latest in technology, green designs and government regulation we’ll take your overall design goals and create a project plan that addresses the requirements of all stakeholders. In the end, your ECS project will be completed hassle-free with outstanding results.

New Construction Services Include:

  • Determine vertical transportation requirements based on conceptual design and expected tenant demographics.
  • Conduct feasibility study and traffic flow analysis.
  • Provide vertical transportation basis of design report.
  • Review with architect and/or building owner.
  • Prepare detailed specification including maintenance contract.
  • Provide a work outline for any work required by other trades (fire safety, electrical, mechanical)
  • Assist with bid review and contractor selection.
  • Review shop drawings and material submittals.
  • Provide job site project management and status reports to architect and/or building owner
  • Approve progress payment requests.
  • Provide punch list evaluation and final inspection.
  • Provide 10-month warranty inspection.

Maintenance Services

Proper elevator maintenance is essential to ensure peak performance, tenant satisfaction, asset preservation and most importantly the safety of your elevator passengers. When accidents occur on elevators and escalators the primary defendant is generally the building owner. Therefore, it is imperative that building owners and managers understand the condition of their elevator and escalator equipment as well as the manner in which it is being maintained. Our consultants provide preventive maintenance audits that include evaluating both the equipment and the contract. Our goal is to help building owners and managers maximize efficiencies and minimize costs.

Maintenance Services Include:

  • Evaluate all elevator equipment to determine its’ condition, performance, safety, maintenance history and code compliance.
  • Provide a detailed report for each elevator, including required corrective action items (punch list)
  • Review maintenance contract to determine what corrective action items should be covered by maintenance provider vs. building owner as well as identify terms that are outside industry standards.
  • Provide follow up punch list re-inspection.

New Maintenance Contract

Upgrade to an elevator maintenance contract that is written to protect your building, not the elevator contractor. Our maintenance contract is customized to the type and age of your equipment. Minimum required hours of preventive maintenance with penalties for not non-compliance. Minimum response times when elevators break down or passengers are trapped. Penalties if required testing is not current. Limits on repair rates for items that fall outside the contract. A contract that will help you better estimate and plan for your annual elevator maintenance and repair cost.

Maintenance Monitoring

A 12-month agreement where we oversee your elevator maintenance and ensure that your elevators are being properly maintained. Includes periodic inspections where we report on the condition of your equipment and compliance with maintenance and testing record keeping requirements. We review and approve all invoices for maintenance, repairs and billable call-backs as well as any repair proposal to ensure they meet the terms of your contract and are priced fairly. Pricing based on number and type of elevators.

Due Diligence Services

Elevators and escalators are one of the most valuable assets in today’s buildings. Beyond the elevator cab, virtually all of the equipment is hidden away in the machine room or elevator hoistway. We take a systematic and detailed approach in evaluating each piece of equipment. Our reports include a detailed analysis of the equipment, recommendations for modernization or modification as well as cost and timeline estimates